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Welcome to Wwwdot... the Friendly, Affordable Website Design Business & Social Media Support For People Like You Who Are Too Busy To Do It Yourself!

Hi, I'm Kate Hill, the person behind Wwwdot, a website design company for small businesses and DampDogDesign, its photography and graphic design side.

There's a few details about how Wwwdot started below, but I'm guessing you're probably in a bit of a hurry and are more interested to see the work I've done and what I charge, so you can decide if I'm the one for you!  So.... to look at my work please click here or if you'd like to look at the packages I offer please click here.

If you're interested in a bit of background and history, here goes..... Coming from a horsey and animal loving background, I suppose it was almost inevitable that my first 'website design experience' would be equestrian based.

And so it was, for a friend who had opened a new Livery Yard in Willoughby on the Wolds in Leicestershire...This first website design project, about five years ago, taught me an awful lot in several ways for which I am extremely grateful. Firstly, it was an exciting and sometimes frustrating learning curve which got me hooked into website design. Secondly, it gave me an important insight into how time challenged the small business owner can be when working all hours to make a living and keep customers happy.

Suddenly my own small business had begun and my first project, a website for Willoughby Lodge Farm, was followed by a website and social media support for Riseholme Feeds Country Store. Other websites followed and I thought it was time I had an official 'name' so after much thought, Wwwdot was born.

From personal experience and working with small businesses, I completely understand that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done and concentrating on a website or thinking what to put on social media sites at the end of a tiring day can be last thing you feel like doing! 

It can be difficult getting the work/family/leisure balance right and that's where I can help by doing as much or as little as you need to take the pressure off and help you get that balance restored.

If you would like to have a chat to see how I could help with your website design or social media profile, please do get in touch. I'm approachable, professional and am here to take the stress away and make it easy for you!

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